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guess who has a highly superior history teacher [18 Oct 2004|07:39pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

I fucking love my history teacher. Today he took a shoe off of a kid named Julian (yes, he took a a students shoe off his foot) and then he THREW IT OUT THE WINDOW. my god it fucking rocked. First he tried to shoot it into the garbage can, but missed, then he told a kid to open up the window. The kid did, and he tried about 4 times before he actually got it out the window. Now you need to realize that this class is on the third floor. Julians shoe fell nearly 3 stories, past the windows of atleast one if not two other classes. Mr Perotti (is that how you spell his name, i have no idea) went down and got the shoe, and he came up and told us that the entire class in the room below us had been staring out the windows, and the teacher was staring out looking confused as well. When he did it in class, the entire room was shaking because we were laughing so hard.

I realized around 4th block that i actually hadnt told anyone about it - which made me realize that it really wasnt that extraordinary coming from Mr. Perotti. If any other teacher did even one of the crazy things hes done, i would tell everyone about it, but it just doesnt seem that odd in that class. and to top it off, hes a really good teacher, whos tests are pretty easy but i still learn a lot. (i know most of you wouldnt care about that, but believe it or not its important later in life)

that reminds me, i would just like to point out that no one cares about sports after highschool is over (that is, if you play them or not). Thats why i dont bother playing sports. By devoting most of my effort that i have alotted to school to my studies, i am ensuring that i will have a high paying, high satisfaction job and will laugh at anyone who thought they were better than me during highschool - then again i wont have anyone to laugh at, cause everyone knows how highly superior I am to them.

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dont have anything witty to put here [08 Oct 2004|10:34pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I just feel like updating, but i have surprisingly little to talk about. atleast as of now. I'm sure that i could think of something to talk about, but i just... wont. Idk, whatever. I have to go to bed anyway cause i have to get up early tomorrow even though its the god damn weekend. and the next day as well.
instead of posting anything with substance, ill post the lyrics to the song im listening to because I feel like it

Cosmetic photogenic
This pain is fleeting, ring out
Mechanical the passion
Your head is bleeding, slow down

Can't keep doing this
What you want me to
Marching sheep herd said
See my broken head

Live your own life
I got myself
Out of my sight
Kill your idols

It's ugly, you see
I don't care what you think now
Forgive me, forget
Don't take the east way out

Can't keep doing this
What you want me to
Marching sheep herd said
See my broken head

Live your own life
I got myself
Out of my sight
Kill your idols

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[30 Sep 2004|03:37pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

On maddox's recent update, i found the anti maddox website MAM. Outraged at yet another idiot who tries to fuck over every one else because "Oh my god it might be slightly offensive!". This is the same type of person who wants to ban Howard Stern, while calmly ignoring the 1st amendmant. I hate these people and they need to die. If you would like to write a letter of your own, the email is mothersagainstmaddox@yahoo.com . My subject was "Quick Question =)" just for the record

Hi there,
I just have a quick question. How can you put your kids through being 'supervised' when they are 14 fucking years old. You're a horrible parent, and if you try to shield them from OBVIOUSLY humorous and not serious websites like maddox, you should consider the page on suicide yourself. Shielding your children will only make them resent you, and turn to drugs and underage ass sex when they cant find an outlet somewhere else. Don't you have anything better to do than start an online petition (oh wow, I care) and talk through your dried out vagina about how you find a website offensive. You know what, if you find it offensive, DONT READ IT! You're fucking retarted, and if your gonna censor your 14 year old kid, then you must be oblivious to the fact that he can experience much worse thing when hes at school or out with his friends - if he has any left after being humiliated so much as to not be allowed to be on the internet without a nazi looking over his shoulder.

Here, I've gone to the trouble of finding the website your son was reading when you decided to fuck him over. Read it yourself, and then follow the advice. http://maddox.xmission.com/suicide.html

"The purpose of the MAM Petition is to shut down Maddox's website"
Ever heard of the first fucking amendmant, or are you in Communist China or North Korea where no one does anything if you treat your son like shit?

Seriously, get a god damn life, you dried up husk of a vagina.

-One who is actually smarter than a retarted pineapple, unlike yourself.

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[13 Sep 2004|08:03pm]
[ mood | giggly ]


omg lmfao... go there and download it and play it

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I will die left screaming [09 Sep 2004|09:24pm]
[ mood | content ]

Today (the first day of school) rocked. My first block history teacher is really cool and thinks outside of the box (i know, its a cliche but it describes him best). He gave us this article about "a magical tribe" or whatever, that was written in the 50s by an african ambassador about americans. He thought it was REALLY weird that the women shaved their armpits, we 'put a stick of hog bristles in their mouth every day' (brushing teeth) then rub lye and and hog fat all over their bodys and in their hair in order to get the smell of their own bodies off of them! (soap and shampoo). it went on and on, but it was really cool and made me think about philiosiphy and shit. its his first year and all that, so hes extra cool because he doesnt know all the rules ;-).

My second block teacher (criminal law) is old but seems alright and relatively nice, and it doesnt matter cause some of my friends are in the class, and shane sits right next to me so its cool. I think the teacher might actually have a (limited) sense of humor too, which is always a good thing.

I have B lunch and french 3 for third block.. i was really dreading french, but the teacher seems nice, and theres some cool/hot people in the class. the teacher said shes the most patient teacher in the school, and i said that was good shell need it or something. when we were telling the class about ourselves, i volunteered to go and i said (in french) my name is Jules (my french name... i wanted Jamal in french but she said there wasnt a translation damnit). I am stupid at french (the fact that i said it like that shows it lol). I like computers... *pauses* (switches to english) and stuff. my mom is (english) self-employed and my dad is a... (english) wood refinisher.. at this point she goes "oh dear your giving me hard vocab words to translate" then i was finished cause thats all i remembered i think.

my fourth block teacher (honors bio) seems kind of... shy? lol idk but she said shes easy going so w/e. that was the only class where i got real homework in. ill do it on the bus tomorrow, because now im the first god damn motherfucking person on, and they go right past my house on the way back! and i cant really ask for my driver to change, because hes some black guy that yells at me whenever i move and gets the fucking wrong place for the end of the day, making me walk all around and eventually run when i called Cahn to find out. In like 3 weeks when we get Steve-O back maybe ill get on last. well see. His hand is broken, so thats why we have the random black guy whos name is "Governer" (i swear) and wears a.... well im not sure what it is, either a doo rag or a tribal hat lol... im not tryin to be racist here, thats what it looks like.

Oh yes, if anyone hasnt noticed, i got the new fucking lamb of god CD, bitches. it fucking rocks harder than your mom, i love it. Lamb of God is definately my favorite band.

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The horrible searing pain must mean its working! [06 Sep 2004|12:45am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

So today at work, for some odd reason, a customer randomly came up and gave my boss a picture that had a Penis with legs chaseing a Vagina with legs, and on the bottom it said "JUST ONE FUCKING PROBLEM AFTER ANOTHER".... it was great.

anyway, also at work today, i had to clean this really fucking annoying thing that dispenses fudge. i like to refer to it as 'the fudge packer'. so i was cleaning it, and i kind of forgot that i can turn down the temperature of the spray-thingy that i use to shoot water at the fudge packer. so basically it was on 100% hot water, and frankly it was burning my hand quite badly. amongst all this, i managed to think in a sarcastic-yet-almost-not kind of way, "The hot, searing, excruciating pain must mean its working!". Wow talk about masochism. anyway, after having my fingers in that for awhile, i finally realized that i can turn on the cold water along with the hot water, so it wasnt so bad for the last half.... it should have taken me about 45 minutes to clean the fudge packer, but i managed to drag it out to 2 hours. :)

Ok so if you know me at all, youve seen me at one time or another do the "ghetto booty back-it-up thing"... it goes like this: I put my hands on my knees, and thrust backwards, arching my back and moving a lot, thrusting my ass out. needless to say, its horribly, horribly wrong for me to do. thats why i do it a lot! anyway, theres this dude who we call Shaker, and i think he might be gay or just really feminine idk.. anyway, Mike Sears told me to do the thing to Shaker cause it would be funny so i did, and as i was doing it (btw this was soon after me and mike both did the party boy thing to him) and... my manager walked in... my head is turned around, i cant see her, and im doing it. i know she saw me, but amazingly, this was the one who i wrote the passage about her being a bitch and the "sarcastacism" thing, she didnt do anything. She said to me and mike "ok who wants to go home" and we were both kind of staring at eachother cause we knew she had seen it lol... and she said something else to break the silence and we just kind of walked away to do whatever we were doing - in my case taking a very long time to clear out the fudge packer, which she did yell at me for.

oh yea, i noticed how people usually comment on the last thing i write, because it is the last thing that stays with them (you know, only kerry and audry actually comment, so im basically talking to you two). i am going to write about something next, but if your gonna comment on something, dont make it the last thing because it makes the rest of my entry sad. and if you do, atleast add something about the other parts too.

anyway, my ghetto friend shawn reeves says i can be on his and his people's rap album. He wants me to do a rap song, but i cant rap past the classic "mmph da mmph da... Schlap bitches!..", so i think that if i ever were to do something for a rap album (which i highly doubt would actually happen, just staying in the theoretical phase) i would do something like an intro... immagine me saying "YO YO dis iz tha shit rite hurr, ma boi shawn reeves da illest rappa on da east side. here iz *insert other peoples names here* aight yo, im out, bitches." Ok it would probably not be that, and more along the lines of something funny, like the public service announcement on eminems CD.

ok... forgot to add this

also at work, i was like "damn my shoulder hurts" to the 50 year old black dude, and he was like "man me too, dont pick up any thing heavy. like fat chicks." i was like "haha what?!" and he goes "fat bitches. dont pick him up" then "500 pounds, dont pick up fat bitches."

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Do not read this if you are infected with dihydrogen monoxide [02 Sep 2004|07:59pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

Today at work, i think i was being sexually harrased. one of the quasi-managers (who is a woman) walked up behind me when i was bent over very far to give food to someone in drivethrough, and i just hear the head manager who i thought was a lesbien saying "DO IT DO IT DO IT" and i hear the other one laughing. i thought that was a bit odd, but i did not have anything done to me... soon afterwards, i hear my head manager saying "wouldnt it be funny if we both slapped it really hard at the same time?" and the other one laughed or something like that. First of all, neither of them are good looking, and it was horribly, horribly wrong. Second, I'M 15! i dont want my managers who are much older than me talking about slapping my ass.

On an different note, i should stop giving money out to this black 50 year old guy that i work with. He keeps asking me for money in increments of $20 because hes supposed to be getting me a black box (which lets me steal cable TV). first it was 30, then 50. now he wanted 20 more that he says hes gonna pay me back for to get a ticket to NYC to pick it up from his source. i figure that if it turns out that i dont get my money back or a working black box, i will have learned my lesson and i wont give money out so easily.

tomorrow is my grandparents 50th anneversary. Holy shit they must be really sick of eachother by now. nah im just kiddin, i guess they really have something going to have stayed together this long.

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i wonder if my teacher is gonna read this [31 Aug 2004|09:17pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

OK ok I did it again. I was looking at possibilites to write the 15th entry, when I stumbled across 'discussing the dragon and shit like that'. I remembered that when i was reading the dragon part of the poem/book, at atleast 2 points I laughed because they used the word 'booty' to describe treasure - then i vowed that i have to remember to use that in my entries. i actually did forget, but that suggestion of discussing the dragon triggered my memory. If any teacher that ready my articles wasnt thoroughly frightened by what i wrote before, this will cause them to question what is wrong with humans.

The dragon comes from his underground lair when a theif tries to steal a cup from his booty. Given the gigantic size of his booty, it is surprising that the dragon even noticed when only a small cup was missing. However, he realizes that his booty has shrunken a bit, and comes out of his lair to wreak havoc on the Geats.

"Then Beowulf was given bad news, a hard truth: his own home, the best of buildings, had been burnt to a cinder, the throne room of the geats." (p. 158-159 lines 2324-2327) So suddenly when Beowulf's home is burnt down, he decides to go out and kill the dragon. Of course when the rest of country was in flame, he didnt really do anything, but when his house gets burned, he decides to go with but a few soldiers to kill a dragon whos booty has been marauded. I know if I had a booty as large as the dragon, and something was stolen, I would be pretty mad. That is why Beowulf goes to fight him, because once again its a thing of revenge. Beowulf is getting revenge for his burnt house, and I'm sure that somewhere in his mind he's aware of the gargantuan booty that would be awaiting him were he to survive the ordeal.

I think that the dragon is a bigger threat than Grendal; Grendal only killed people that made loud noises near his home, while the dragon decides to kill everyone alive just because a part of his ample booty was stolen. Also, Grendal wasnt anywhere near as large as a dragon. Just the fact that the dragon can lay on a booty that is that large for 300 years shows that he/she/it is really huge.

The traditional role of dragons seems to be:
1. Aquire large booty through some weird circumstance (a random guy putting the last treasures of his entire race underground for an unknown reason in this case).
2. Guard booty.
3. Sleep.
4. If someone threatens booty, set random things on fire until something happens.
5. Wait for a valiant guy with a lot of guts to come slay you.

It seems that Beowulf fulfils step number 5, except at the end he is a rotting corpse. I guess he just couldn't handle a booty that large, and the perils that are associated with it. Also he was really old by then, and was probably going to die soon anyway, so maybe it was a good thing that he got to die slaying a dragon, marking him as a legend.

If my teacher is one of those teachers that realizes that I'm making a joke but wont say anything outloud about it, that means they will probably give me some shit about how I don't use diverse words or something like that. Thats the whole point, cock rancher. I wanted to use 'booty' a lot because it makes me laugh.

also, for anyone who likes hoobastank, visits www.youhavebadtasteinmusic.com hoobastank is not the only band there, but its the only one that I felt like pointing out.

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I might get in trouble for this if i have a bitchy teacher [30 Aug 2004|11:08pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

i have this fucking stupid homework for honors english 2 that some of you know about, where we have to do this retarted thing that involves web logs and shit where people 'discuss' the books we read and gay shit like that (wow i just offended anyone that has a problem with either... stupid things, retarted people, or gay people... not that i have anything against..... retarted people or gay people, but it fits well as a quasi-curse). anyway, as my 11th out of 17 posts, i wrote the following.... understanding what im talking about isnt really important, but like what everyone else wrote about was how this dude Unferth was a real jealous asshole. keep in mind that im a total non-conformist.

I considered writing about how Unferth was shamed by Beowulf and Beowulf sounded real amazing, but then I went back and read the section again.

It looks like Unferth is onto something here, and Beowulf, being the sly dog that he is, covers it up and goes on to insult Unferth just because he can. First Unferth points out how Beowulf and Breca were in a swimming contest of sorts, and Breca wins. Then Unferth says that Beowulf will fail miserably against Grendal. To cover up what was just pointed out, Beowulf brings out the classic Oh it was "the pich of the waves, the perishing cold, night falling and winds from the north drove us apart," - I swear. (p. 37 lines 46-48) Beowulf also states that "when the going was heavy in those high waves, i was the strongest swimmer of all."(p. 37. lines 533-534) Of course, everyone he is addressing seems to miss the point that right after that he says that neither of them could go farther than the other. Looks like Beowulf is turning out to be a real slick liar. Then of course he said how it was the beer talking when he and Breca decided to race, and is therfore implying subconciously on his unsuspecting crowd that it wasnt really a race to begin with. Beowulf also brags for awhile about how he killed 9 sea beasts and therefore there is NEVER going to be another attack on a ship by a sea beast. Honestly I doubt that Beowulf just happened to find the annual sea-beast-convention, and there just happened to be only 9 of them - which he killed - underwater - with chain mail on.

To top things off, Beowulf then says how he "cannot recall any fight you entered, Unferth, that bears comparison. (p. 40-41 lines 583-584) Thats pretty low, Beowulf. Maybe Unferth was handicapped, and couldn't fight sea monsters. Maybe hes an intellectual who works with his brain not his braun. Either way you don't see Unferth saying things like "Hey Beowulf, I bet you don't have a success story from bearing out having legs that dont work in the middle ages," or "Beowulf, your IQ is comparable to that of Grendal's mothers left toe."

So it looks like either Beowulf is a pathological liar, or just a smooth talker. Either way, he doesn't seem so great now.

Of course, I doubt the veracity of anything I just said, and was mearly 'bringing new ideas to the dicussion' so don't get all touchy.

i had other stuff to write about, like how i somehow made "aren't you gonna box some pies" into a sexual phrase at work, but i forget by now, plus i need to go write more fucking web logs. Oh yea, that was one of the things, how the school is trying to blend 'whats cool" and "hip" (in their minds) with fucking school. god i hate it when they ruin a perfectly good thing like blogging. OMFG THEY ARE FUCKING STUPID. this is HOMEWORK on summer vacation. god i hope i get a cool teacher so i can really chafe her ass about this whole thing. (btw, for you autistic pineapples out there, i do not LITERALLY want to chafe my teachers ass, its a phrase.)

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Black People Sure do Love Chicken [15 Aug 2004|05:09pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I have always heard the stereotype that black people like chicken, but i never was sure how true it was. Today it was certainly verified. I think all day there were TWO black people that got anything other than chicken. and one of them got a burger along with chicken. EVERY SINGLE OTHER ONE got chicken. and this brings back memories of one time there were these two black chicks and they came in, asked for breakfast, and it was over, and they were like (im not exagerating here) "damn well can i get some bacon on that? CAN A SISTA GET SOME BACON ROUND HURR?" i know thats not chicken, but it was still funny. then one day, some black person asked for 'chicken sauce' on his/her already chicken meal. I just wanted to get it out how it really is true that black people love chicken. im not saying theres anything wrong with that, just pointing it out.

In other news, my mom sure can get what she wants. (in even more news, i sure do use the word 'sure' a lot) I remember a few years ago, she actually got OUT of a CONTRACT with verizon. god damn is she insistant and can be bitchy. and just in the past week, she actually managed to keep a contract that makes verizon LOSE money because it gives her free calling to canada. in order to get a new phone, everyone else has to sign up for a new plan. not her. I dont know exactly what went on, but i do know that just today we went in the verizon store for a different reason, and all the sales people averted their eyes when she looked at them, and did exactly what she said. i mean damn, she must have been a real bitch or something.

also, in that game that ive been playing lately (City of Heroes), i made a character named "Butt Sexxx". omg its so great, when someone sees my name i usually see "LMFAO i love your name". Whats great though, is that sometimes if you click on random NPC's (non-player characters) they say random things, and some of them say something about random players like "isnt **** the best?" so at some time or another, someone is gonna click on an NPC and it will say something like "Isn't Butt Sexxx the best?".

oh yea, i dont think ill be able to post that picture, and i think pherhaps thats a good thing. heh. if you really want to see it, msg me and ill send it over AIM

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[13 Aug 2004|10:48pm]
[ mood | naughty ]

credit to www.entensity.net

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Mother Fuckers Piss Me the fuck off (warning, gratuitous fucking cursing follows, fuckers) [09 Aug 2004|02:59pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

I definately had something to talk about that wasnt work related, but i forget by now. ironically, i thought of it while i was at work today. Either way, people fucking piss me off. In case i havnt made that clear to anyone that actually reads this. Actually, it only happens once in awhile that people really piss me off for no reason. Today was one of those days. This old lady came up and was acting kind of annoyed when i couldnt understand her fucking telepathically speaking to me or something, because i sure as hell couldnt hear what she was saying, and i just wanted to punch her and be like "Bitch shut the fuck up". It may sound harsh, and thats because it is. i was in one of those moods. Probably partly because my boss was too. She gave me something to do, and i did it, then was doing other things ON MY OWN without her telling me to do it and she basically told me that i took too long on the first one (i guess she thought that somehow because i was carrying a garbage bag i was gonna clean the tables with it or something, because thats what she originally had me do) and i was like ok i did do that, i was doing something else and she was like yea ok go away.

and for the two comments on how i neglegt to update my jounal, i have a perfectly good explanation.
Shut up thats why.
Ok im just kidding, dont take it so fucking seriously god damnit. Shit, all this fucking cursing reminds me that i have to do that shit for honors english that i REALLY dont feel like doing. Why are they making me fucking do god damn mother fucking homework on summer VACATION. And their poor attempt at meshing "totally hip cool blogging yay" with school is a horrible, screaming failure. it just makes me want to find the person who came up with the idea and (i should edit what i would say here, there might be small children reading this for some fucking reason).

oh yea. Lately ive been playing a new online-only game where you're a super hero. Saying that makes me feel so incredibly nerdy. like "myeaa, finally i can have the powers of superman in a non-copyright infringing way. my one true dream yay *snort snort*" luckily i dont fucking give a shit about superman, and im a person that heals other people. oh yea, that was one of the things other than work i was gonna talk about. Playing that game is damn good for my self-esteem. Apperently im really really good at what i do in it, because everyone that i group with says that, and ive had people say things like "You're definately the best healer I've ever grouped with by far" and shit like that. For anyone that doesnt suck at games, you should play it and have people tell you how awesome you are. also, if i dont like somebody, i could theoretically let them die very very easily... although i havnt done that in this game yet.

Oh yea, i got a fucking Cell Phone, and the number is 908-310-6736 . I have it posted as my away msg because im often too lazy to tell people what im actually doing im my away msg. i prefer the random, meaningless away msges like my often used "HARRRRR!"

i think they should have a thing were you can say like... listening to: Blah and then Bluh then Bleh. because i know i listened to more than just one fucking song while i was typing this post. I have some good old Lamb of God on now, and for a completely random and non-related type of music, i think i will put on Modest Mouse. thats always kind of weird when my speakers are like AAL:JS:FLKJSDLKFHS:DLFJAS:DLFJSD:OFLJSD:LF then they're like 'bum bum da de doooo" etc.

ah, that song is calming me down a bit. im considering continueing this post, but. no i wont, i realize that by now im just ranting.

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[26 Jul 2004|09:59pm]
[ mood | amused ]

It seems like the only thing ive been writing in here lately is about work. too bad, thats because i work 5 days a week usually. anyway, today there were these two kids who were 'aquainted' with my friend Tim that works with me. he said something like "instead of giving this kid change, slap him" and i was like "ima slap his momma" and the two kids, who obviously had no sense of humor were like "DURRR, WHAT?!" (ok maybee not the durr part, but they might have anyway, as they are just the kind of kids who have the intelligence of a pile of donky throw up, and will look for a fight with anyone, anywhere, even if they are a lot smaller than the person) and Tim was like oh he was kidding, he always kids around like that, and i went to get their food, and Tim told me later that they said "oh hes lucky we didnt kick his ass" i laughed. they are a grade below me, smaller than me, and didnt look strong at all, just stupid. Tim confirmed what i thought - that they were just stupid kids who like to pick fights with people. apperently one time at a healthquest dance Tim and his friend Mike (both of whom are 3 grades above them and like 2 feet taller) bumped into them and for the rest of the night those kids were trying to fight them or something. obviously they arent the sharpest people around. or anywhere. anyway, this confirms by belief that there are many incredibly stupid, wannabe macho types that want to pick fights with people who actually have senses of humors/personalities.

anyway, UPDATE: that Christian fundamentalist type manager the other day freaked me out again, but for a totally different reason. I didnt know where something was, and she was gonna show me where it was downstairs, but another manager said he would get it. So she goes "oh but i wanted to take him downstairs and do naughty things to him" . I laughed, but inside i was like WTF FUCKING EWW! cause shes ugly, and clashes with my beliefs and everything.

i had more to say, but i totally forget now, and im lazy

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Born again christians need to die [14 Jul 2004|09:15pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Ok so today at work i was having an inoccent conversation with a co-worker about humanists (do a search for it, i dont feel like explaining) and my boss whos kind of a bitch, is walking by, then suddenly looks at me sharply and goes "what about religion??"
at this point warning bells went off in my head at the possibility of a religious freak, but at the same time being in a position above me (manager), leaving me in the awkward position of arguing and gaining the ire of one of my managers, or being quiet and have to deal with the flame of wanting to show her how horribly wrong she is. anyway, i breifly explained how i had finally found a name for what believe in - humanism... its not atheism, but its not stupid religion either. and she goes "well, your wrong. there is only one god, and that is Jesus Christ". I was taken aback at first, trying to contain myself and not explode on her right then and there (i managed to). then i just kind of smiled, snickered, and said ok or something along those lines.

so then she goes "were you brough up christian?" and i said yes (hell ive been confirmed) and she says "what made you rebel against the truth?" and i was like... well i considered all the viewpoints, facts, and etc and formed my own viewpoint, as i do in most instances. so she says with a sense of extreme condesending "is your mother christian?" and i was like uhh maybee i dont know.. then she goes "well if she is, then she is right, and your wrong. i know you dont want to hear that you mom is right, i remember i never liked it when someone said that to me, but in this case she would be definately right if she is a christian." it took all the self control i had to not fucking flip a shit at this point. then to top things off she goes "have you ever read the entire bible?" and i said no, and she goes "oh well if you did take the time to, and realize that you need to read it about 500 times to fully understand it, you would see the truth." i couldnt believe this shit i was hearing! it always amazes me when religious freaks speak their mind (which is all the time if your within 50 feet of them) and then i find it even more amazing when they leave NO room for debate, 100% sure in their ignorance. throughout this all i tried to just smile and nod my head, beyond words at this point.

i told my mom what happened, and she scoffed and told me about what is called 'born again christians'. they are called that because somewhere in the bible it says that when you truly accept christ as the savior blah blah blah then you are born again (as in your spirit is). They seem to think it is their duty to 'edjucate' the "poor, unsaved souls" who dont agree with them. you get the idea. I've been fighting with these people in forums for the past few days about religion, and now that ive proven all my points, and they have their lame ones that i discredited, all they have left are lame remarks about my intelligence and whatnot. (im reffering to the fact that all they have left is to call me stupid, because they cant disprove most of what i have to say, and they realize that i have a much stronger argument.

the problem with born again christians is that they seem to enjoy argueing about religion, because they are 'spreading the word of christ'. and if you ever get into a debate with one, they just start quoting obscure sections of the bible out of context. and dont get me started on the bible. grr. im out

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Stupid People Fucking Piss Me Off [11 Jul 2004|10:33am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

(rant about politics alert alert)

God, so many people are so fucking ignorant and outright stupid.

ok... i started posting on page thirteen of this forum towards the bottom debating who we would vote for in the upcoming election


i posted a bunch of times after that first time, and ofcourse no one is really listening to me much XO lol the two of them seem to be pretty content arguing with eachother, but it amazes me how stupid people can be. i dont expect everyone to agree with me, but Bush is one of THE WORST presidents we have ever had. this relates to my subject of "stupid people fucking piss me off" because only people who are uninfomed enough to not look at the facts and form their own opinion are supporting bush. There is a reason the nation is so torn right now, and that is because Bush was elected unfairly and continued to make stupid decisions and exorcise his 'brain' in ways that only pleased his slavemasters (religion, dad, corperations etc) and failed to consider the reprecussions of his actions. to quote myself, here
i said

"Not quite sure what you mean here, LSU has completely disproved nearly everything you said, and you are ignoring any one elses arguments because it seems you have your hands full dealing with LSU. There is a reason that you are the only person that is recently on this thread in support of Bush with an attempt at having good points (emphasis on attempt) - most people who support him only do so because they are not smart enough to realize the truth, and therefore dont bother to try to voice their points because things such as... skewing the facts, and outright lies are the best they can give to back up their opinions. Couple this with horrible grammer and spelling (sounds kind of like GW himself) and you've got a recipy for utter failure, just like W is making for this country if he is given the right to continue messing it up."

pherhaps the first part doesnt make sense if you havnt read the thread, but that isnt important. i could continue, but i have to go to work and deal with more people who could be beaten by a retarted waffle in an IQ test (or any other intelligence rating test for that matter, because some people say IQ tests are racist... myself being one of the people who say that, and for good reason too - if you want to me explain i will in a comment).

o yea, if anyone here cared enough to notice that this is on a website where you go to be rated by other people, thats related to another thing that pisses me off. People are stupid so they go around giving everyone rate a 1 just to lower their rating. out of 24 votes, 7 of them are 1's for me (13 are 10 i might add :) ). and i know some people who might read this would do the same thing but HAH you have to be a member to rate me, so unless your Julie, you cant rate me from my profile :)

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too lazy to go back and edit [03 Jul 2004|11:21pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

Her name was Denise... not michelle. Michelle is a nice one. Denise is the bitch.. stupid fucking bitch. especially the stupid part. and the fucking bitch part...

god, shes a fucking bitch. stupid accent. 'sarcastacism'. OMG she pisses me off.

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"sarcastacism does not go well with me, ok?" [29 Jun 2004|10:12pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Ok, I have decided that i like most of the people i work with, including managers... exept for one. I think her name is Michelle, but I'm bad with names, and I basically only remember the names of people who I give a shit about. I'll just refer to her as 'bitch'.

Just so that I could be that much of a better employee, I asked Bitch today where the ice was 'incase I need to know in the future'. Her response was "You've been here three weeks, and you don't know where the ice is??!?!?"

so a few minutes later, she pulled me over to the side when i forgot to put salt on some fries, and the conversation went like this.

Bitch: mmm ok, like I said, were gonna have to... work on you...
Me: uh... ok
Bitch: Now you've been here three weeks, you should know where the ice is, and
Me: Actually, this is my 5th day.
Bitch: Oh... well, you should still have picked up on these things.. I don't know if it was how you were trained, or... who trained you
*I list off the people that trained me*
Bitch: mmm okayyy. well like I said, I don't know if it was how you were trained or...
Me: What am I doing thats so horribly wrong?
Bitch: WHOA WHOA dont get all nutty on me!
Me: uhh... I'm not getting nutty
Bitch: I don't know if it was who trained you or... how you were trained or.. what.
Me: ...right...
Bitch: Keep yourself busy, stock those cups, and I'll... work on you.

In my next conversation with her, it was time to go, and I remembered how she had yelled at me yesterday for clocking out without asking anyone if I could, and if there was anything that I could possibly do before I left. Also, I had just finished emptying the garbages, wich the bitch had told me to do before I left. Also, my friend Shawn who works there was standing right near me.

Me: OHH grand high and exalted Michelle (or whatever her name is), may I have your permission to clock out?
Bitch: *long pause* Ok, the sarcastacism does not go over well with me, you need to just ask politely.

at this point, i had to try hard to not laugh, because her saying 'sarcastacism' (read that one twice) reminded me of my 8th grade language arts teacher, who said things like 'porcapine' and 'libary'. However, I still had a large grin on my face. The conversation proceeded.

Shawn: Aww come on, that was pretty funny!
Me: I dont think some people appreciate humor.

(as i walk out of the store :))

fucking bitch... However, i rest easy knowing that one day i will own the world, then when she comes groveling to me for money/food/not being tortured, i will say HAH! and laugh.

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i took quizes because i was bored [29 Jun 2004|09:50pm]
[ mood | blank ]

this entry consists of quizes that I took. I'm doing this because - first of all: im bored, and second of all, this is the 'token quiz section of my journal that everyone has'

your asshole.

What swear word are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You'd carve them up with your chainsaw. I like your
style, you show much promise. Join me?

How would you Murder?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are going to marry Ashton Kutcher. He is kind
and sweet, but pulls a lot of pranks (and
probably quite a few on you too!!)and can
always make you laugh.

Which male celebrity are you going to marry? (14 choices now!!)
brought to you by Quizilla

for anyone who didnt know, that last one was a joke

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I am way too lazy to update this thing [26 Jun 2004|11:36am]
umm, started work at the big M, got yelled at a good amount... co-workers are cool, Shawn is mad funny -- he told the manager that he had a crack addiction when she was yelling at him for hanging out with me hahaha. 2 of the managers are NOT cool, others seem alright.

(2 days later)
wow i just noticed this in my tray. im getting way to lazy/busy to update this.

lol, today was my last day of training and when i clocked out appernetly i was supposed to have finished doing 1 or 2 orders (the people were just standing and waiting) but umm i ran outside and said screw them :). Don't come to anywhere i work. ever. would be my adice to anyone who is currently breathing. i could elaborate, but.. well no, i couldnt, im way too lazy.

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i dont want to be here [13 Jun 2004|12:20am]
[ mood | depressed ]

I've been backed into a corner. Usually i just fight back until my mom gives up or it ends in a big blowup. i cant even think clearly now, but i know that she has been making new demands of me with a cloud of threats hanging over me. I always have things planned with friends, so for the first time... ever, she is threatening to ground me if i have a bad attitude, dont eat, or some other shit like chores or w/e. and the only way to become ungrounded is if i eat and have a good attitude. as is usual with my mom, this makes no sense, but there isnt anything i can do about it because i dont want to be confined to being home with no computer, tv, ability to go out, or anything else that i really enjoy other than reading in my room, and that certainly gets old fast when its my only choice. So for now, I'm trying to spend all the time i can away from home so i can avoid my mom and the possibility of her deciding to ground me for one reason or another, although i almost got grounded anyway last night. I was at davie's with dorf and joel till like 10 and i came back around 10:30 ish and my mom got pretty mad because i was supposed to call her apperently. w/e i dont want to be here.

and to top things off im stressed about finals... well only math. I dont care about the other subjects because i find them very easy and my grade is a 95 or higher in all of them, but mr Cusik is such a bad teacher, and my grade is the lowest its ever been in math because of that. Also, we took a test on friday in math and i had to leave 3 questions blank because he made the test too long. Only two kids in the entire class finished, and we started as soon as we walk in. god i hope i have better math teachers in the years to come, it could ruin my chances at doing what i want if not.

ive been in a very bad mood lately... err at home anyway. I don't show it other places now that i think about it. behind the usual veil of happiness and jokes.

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